Mike Lysaght, Marriage & Family Therapist in Sacramento

I provide communication-focused, emotionally-supportive therapy to individuals, couples and families, including LGBT+ and other sexual minorities.

individual therapy

If you’re grappling with your sense of purpose, major life changes, or simply need a sounding board to unpack what’s happened so far, I provide a one-on-one, listening, supportive environment that lends you a hand in finding the solutions that are right for you.



I provide specialized care to the LGBT+ community with an eye toward inclusion and non-judgment. I work consciously with all variations of orientation, relationship, and gender in my practice, along with maintaining professional connections within the community to advance my work in sexual minority and gender-variant care.



Whether you’ve been together for two years or twenty; newly married or newly engaged; need to navigate or negotiate existing agreements - I work with clients around all types of relationship dynamics, including BDSM and polyamory, to develop communication skills that promote happier and healthier engagement.


The ability to offer emotional support, guidance, and understanding over a remote platform is more important than ever in today’s Post-COVID era. Whether it’s because of health concerns, being differently abled or simply distance challenges, if you need video therapy, I can provide it. I have offered this type of therapy for years and am well versed in its nuances, challenges, and benefits.

Mike Lysaght, mFt

Mike Lysaght, MFT

I often find myself accompanying clients on journeys of transition and change. Those transitions have been from teen to adult, high school to college, from one relationship to another, or from one job to another, or to a new living situation or relationship dynamic. The common thread is that each client has found themselves in need of a kind and supportive hand.



I work with individuals who are caregivers (support networks) for those with severe and persistent mental illness. It can be a taxing process to guide a family member or friend through the avenues of necessary support. I work with caregivers to develop skills that serve to promote self-care and boundary development while acknowledging the importance of your role.



Living through adolescence is a tough job; perhaps even tougher when you grow up in or are transplanted to Sacramento. As your student moves through middle and high school, you may feel like you don’t have the complete picture. Parents aren't always sure about what to ask - and teens aren’t alway sure about what to say. I can help close the gap.

My approach to therap

My approach to therapy

We all have things that we want. Less arguing, more cooperation, a better understanding of each other. My approach begins with what you want.

There is something unique about the way that I practice. I use what I call “interpretation” and “translation” methods to help individuals, couples and families communicate more effectively.