Relationship Therapy

The biggest problem that people in relationships experience is a breakdown in communication. When you do not feel understood by your partner, it can be extremely isolating, frustrating, even angering. My relationship therapy work focuses on helping you and your partner learn how to give and receive understanding and support in a safe, judgment-free environment.


How Does Relationship Therapy Work?

This type of work often goes by the name marriage counseling or marriage therapy. However, I work with couples and relationship therapy of all kinds. I provide therapy with an emotional focus for any relationship configuration where people who care about each other are seeking to relate to one another better. Our sessions may often concentrate on “interpretation” and “translation.” I use these terms to define the way couples tend to miss each other in their attempts to reach out and be heard, as well as the tools you can use to create a mutually beneficial shared reality.

Two women talking to their relationship therapist

What Concerns Does Relationship Therapy Treat?

Our work may focus directly on relationship issues. However, I will also offer support and ideas on how you can support each other when dealing with other concerns. These may include depression, anxiety, self-image issues, gender issues, issues surrounding sexuality, and other mental illness concerns.

How Long Does Relationship Counseling Take?

Each counseling relationship is its own unique interaction with no set rules or endpoint. We will determine together what the best course of therapy is for you.

How Is This Different From Other Therapy Experiences?

You may have experienced therapists that prefer to work with couples who conform to some standard relationship norms. While I am happy to work with such couples, I have no preconceived notions regarding who should be in a relationship or how people express their love for one another. This is a completely supportive, non-judgmental therapeutic environment.

How Do I Get Started With Relationship Therapy in Sacramento?

First, we need to meet each other and decide if we all feel we can work together in a mutually beneficial way. We can then establish the course of our therapy together. If you are in the Sacramento area, please submit my contact form. Alternatively, you can call my office at (415) 723-4141 today.


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You deserve to be heard and understood. I am here to provide the support you need. To meet with me and discuss therapeutic options, submit my contact form or call me at (415) 723-4141.

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