Teletherapy (AKA remote therapy/video therapy), has become a resource that is more important than ever in the Post COVID-19 era. Health concerns surrounding coronavirus and the flu have become prominent and face-to-face interactions may prove challenging on multiple levels. Through video sessions, I can provide you with the support you need from your own home or other comfortable location.


How Does Teletherapy Work?

We simply arrange a time to meet and have talk therapy sessions on your computer over video software. I will be able to ask you questions, hear your concerns, and see your reactions, and you will be able to do the same with me. Privacy issues are paramount in therapy, and video therapy can present new privacy challenges, which is why I use HIPAA-compliant software, so you can be confident that all your private mental health information is completely protected.

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What Concerns Does Teletherapy Treat?

I can treat all the issues that I normally treat with in-person therapy through my teletherapy platform, including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, gender identity issues, sexual issues, and more. I treat a varied population that includes adults, teens, couples, and those in the sexual minority community, such as LGBT individuals/relationships.

How Long Does This Therapy Take?

There is no set time for completing a course of teletherapy. However, after a number of sessions, we can discuss shifting to in-person therapy if you feel comfortable with and have interest in the in-person experience and it is safe to do so.

How Is This Different From Other Therapy Experiences?

Those who have only had in-person therapy may find that the video therapy experience takes some adjustment. There is a feel that is not quite the same as an in-person interaction. You are sometimes at the mercy of the technology. However, there are also advantages to teletherapy over in-person therapy; you are in the comfort of your own home, and some may feel that they are more attended to by a therapist who is on camera. It’s important that you have a therapist who has practice with this kind of treatment to get the best experience. I have been providing video therapy to my clients since long before the COVID-19 crisis. I am very comfortable with this type of treatment.

How Do I Start Video Counseling in California?

I offer HIPAA-compliant video therapy to clients throughout California. Just call me at (415) 723-4141 or submit a contact form now to arrange our first consultation.


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