Individual Therapy

I offer emotionally focused therapy for individuals in a relaxed, welcoming setting. Our work focuses on helping you better understand yourself and improving your communication with the important relationships in your life. To clarify, in individual therapy, we first work towards helping you gain an understanding of your goals and desires. Further, we explore how your ways of understanding and communicating may create obstacles, stopping you from getting what you want.


How Does Individual Therapy Work?

We meet in usually weekly, 50-minute sessions to explore questions like “do others have a hard time seeing your perspective and why?” “Do you have trouble understanding what others need from you and why?” and problems of a similar nature. Through what I call interpretation and translation, we will develop the tools you need to help you better understand yourself and create a shared reality with those you love for healthier, happier communication.

Man sitting on a couch during therapy

What Concerns Does It Address?

Clients come to me with a wide variety of concerns, for example, anxiety, depression, gender confusion, relationship difficulties, self-image/self-confidence issues, and many more.

How Long Does Individual Therapy Take?

There is no set end period for therapy. The therapeutic process is one of continual growth. We will continue to work together for as long as it is helpful to you.

How Is This Therapy Different From Other Therapy Experiences?

Working with me, I hope that you’ll find that I am more directive, asking questions, encouraging exploration, offering perspective that might lead you to more insights. What’s more, I provide a non-judgmental space for all clients, especially those who identify as LGBT+, those in open relationships, and those who identify as part of the BDSM community.

How Do I Get Started With Individual Counseling in Sacramento?

Firstly, we begin with an initial consultation session. This is where we get to know each other and decide if we could benefit from working together. If you are in the Sacramento area and would like to set up your first session, just fill out my contact form or give my office a call at (415) 723-4141 now.


Contact Me

You deserve to be heard and understood. I am here to provide the support you need. To meet with me and discuss therapeutic options, submit my contact form or call me at (415) 723-4141.

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