Kink and Polyamory-Aware Therapy

I am a polyamory-friendly and kink-friendly therapist. Therapy can be an important support to the kink or polyamory lifestyle. People in these types of relationships may struggle to find support or understanding in the mainstream community. Above all, my kink and polyamory-aware therapy is a non-judgmental approach. It focuses on helping you understand your wants and goals and teaching you how to better communicate those needs, both to yourself and your partner or partners, as well as giving you the tools to better understand their needs and goals.


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What Is Kink?

Kink is the collection of practices between consenting adults involving bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and/or sadomasochism. It can also include a sexual relationship created around a particular power dynamic.

What Does it Mean to Have a Kink-Aware and Poly-Aware Therapist?

Having a kink and poly-aware therapist means:

  • Not having to teach me about terms, practices or relationship structures.
  • Knowing that I won’t blame your concerns on your sexual expression or number of partners.
  • Having a therapist well-versed in jealousy and jealousy-management.
  • Having your sexual expression and openness embraced as part of your identity.
  • Having someone to help find the words for your exact needs in relationship.

Uncertainty in Open Relationships: Mono/Poly Pairs

“My partner wants an open relationship, and I’m not sure it’s for me.”

“I don’t want an open relationship, but I want to support my partner.”

These are common phrases in my practice. Not everyone is certain about the relationship they want or need all the time. Sometimes these needs are fixed, and sometimes they shift over time. I have worked with mono-poly couples in my practice, where one partner identifies as monogamous and the other as polyamorous. I hold space for each person’s needs and wants while exploring steps forward.

Can You Work with Our Triad / Quad / Family Unit?

I can work with triads, quads or other family units just as I would work with a couple. Each party must be willing to participate, and there is a similar “no- secrets” policy in place as when I work with couples. Given dynamic issues, I often recommend 90-120 minute sessions for these units. To arrange a meeting, please submit my contact form or call me now at (415) 723-4141.


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You deserve to be heard and understood. I am here to provide the support you need. To meet with me and discuss therapeutic options, submit my contact form or call me at (415) 723-4141.

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