Coming Home: Sacramento Then and Now

Tower Bridge

Sacramento is well known for any number of things. When you’re seventeen and looking to get beyond what feel like the encroaching walls of a small town, you don’t always remember those things. It might escape you that Sacramento was home to the very first Tower Records, and you might not remember that before the Golden 1 Center was Arco Arena. When you’re not living here, these things can feel like the responsibility of the people you left behind. You assume that if anything happens in your hometown, you’ll hear about it. You’ll receive a phone call, or an email, or, if you’re really lucky, they’ll cover something on the national news. In 2001, I left Sacramento with hopes of what I considered to be a more open, accepting, thoughtful, engaged place.

In some ways, I got exactly what I wanted. I found like-minded people who shared my interest and my passion for new knowledge, my desire to serve my community. Still, as time went on, and I graduated from college, moved through graduate school, and couldn’t shake the feeling that I had an experience that could benefit others and a real want to share it. I spent quite a bit of time sharing my talents with a growing community of friends and colleagues between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Still, I wanted more. After fifteen years, even though it wasn’t the best when I left, I found myself hoping that Sacramento had lived up to the potential that everyone had hinted was there.

As I sit in my office, I reflect on growing up in Sacramento, and the resources available to LGBT people now that weren’t available then, I think about how the support for and within the community has grown. To be a supportive piece of the growing network and community in Sacramento is an honor and privilege.

I’ve opened my practice here with the promise of accepting each client exactly where they are, with no expectations. If you or someone you know in the Sacramento area could use a gentle, encouraging, affirmative ear, I’d welcome the chance to know you and the story of your journey.



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